Our kelps:  Laminaria digitataSaccharina latissima and Alaria esculanta are grown in a Marine Conservation area off the Rathlin coastline.

spool (2)From starting off the kelp plants in our nursery to packing our fresh kelp products; it all takes place in our facility on Rathlin Island.

Our kelp is unique in that once we harvest it from our organic farm, the kelp is kept fresh, never dried.  After blanching, to bring out its’  vibrant colour and remove unnecessary salt, we freeze it allowing for a 1 year shelf-life. Unlike dried seaweeds, our kelp keeps its al dente texture and isn’t salty; a completely unique culinary experience.


Our kelp products include noodle cut, tagliatelle cut, salad cut, minced and whole leaf. We also do a fabulous, award winning,  kelp pesto with over 60% kelp!

 See our recipe blog for more delicious culinary ideas. 

Kelp grows organically, without any additives or fertilisers. It is a most environmentally sustainable vegetable with kelp forests providing important habitat for sea-life. As it grows, it extracts minerals from the sea to provide us with healthy levels of calcium, iron, small amounts of potassium, magnesium and sodium (our processed kelp has only .2 grams of salt per 100 grams  of product). It is also a natural and safe source of iodine, being particularly good for those short of iodine and with thyroid problems.

 Why Farm Kelp?

We believe that kelp will become a major food source for Europe as it is already in Asia. Currently, European based seaweed companies sustainably hand harvest; however we believe that kelp will become so popular the product will need to be farmed to keep up with the demand.

  • Kelp grown on ropes has a finer texture than hand harvested kelp
  • Our kelp farm creates a safe haven for sea-life and bird-life
  • Farming ensures that we do not deplete our wild source of kelp
  • Our farm needs no fertilisers or fresh water as soil based farms – our farm is good for the ocean!

Supply and Deliver

We supply restaurants, specialist deli’s and wholesalers. To order contact as at office@islanderkelp.com.

Alaria esculenta is actually a sub arctic species of kelp, also known as wakame. Alaria is a prized kelp, with a fine texture perfect for salads.

Sold in a noodle cut, salad cut or whole leaf (cooked or raw).

Bill with Alaria

Laminaria Digitata is a variety of kelp that grows prolifically in the subtidal waters of the North Atlantic. It is also known as "Fingered Kelp", as the blades resemble digits radiating from the palm (hence, the Latin name digitata.)

Digitata is a thicker kelp than Alaria, full of calcium and is used in a wide variety of dishes from stir fries to salads . It has a superb 'al dente' texture.

When Laminaria Digitata is grown on ropes, it is much finer than that which grows on the shore and lends itself to the production of our two pasta type cuts. Laminaria Digitata is also the key ingredient in Dashi – a classic stock used for soups and sauces.

We offer Laminaria as:

Noodle cut, tagliatelle cut, salad cut, minced, whole leaf & raw.


Saccharina latissima has a fresh and slightly nutty taste. From an ecologically perspective, it is a primary producer, delivering plant material to the coastal food web.  Saccharina kelp forests serve as a habitat for animals, resulting in a high biodiversity. Fish, shellfish and other animals get food and hiding places within these forests. 

We offer Saccharina (sugar kelp) as:

Noodle cut, tagliatelle cut, salad cut, whole leaf and raw

seaweed growing on ropes