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Certified Organic Seaweeds

Islander – Rathlin Kelp is distributed by Odaios Foods Ltd.

A variety of cuts and organic seaweed types to fit any dish and every palate.

The organic seaweeds we grow:

Laminaria digitata (Kombu): A seaweed with a superb “al dente” texture. Can be used in a variety of ways: use as a noodle replacement, add to pasta, soups, stir-fries, curries, salads – the list is endless!

Alaria esculante (wakame): A fine textured seaweed with a long rib running down the frond. Popular in Japanese restaurants as a wakame salad or added to miso soup. The subtle flavour and texture (enhanced by the rib of the frond) is a great addition to green salads, couscous, stir-fried veg and delicious (and naughty) when deep fried. 

Saccharina latissma (Sugar Kelp): The frond of this seaweed is quite frilly, giving the noodles/tagliatelle a wrinkled look. The flavour is a bit nutty and a bit sweet with a delicate texture.

The cuts we produce:20160219_113654 (2)

Tagliatelle & Noodle Cut: Usually a matter of personal taste on which cut is preferred or visual impact to a dish.

Salad Cut: This cut is amazing for home-made breads, the seaweed adds texture, moisture and subtle flavour. Use for salads, stir-fries or any dish that uses a “chopped” vegetable

Minced Cut: Best cut for sauces, gravies & butters. A great addition to soups when only wanting a subtle hint of seaweed as opposed to it being the “star of the show”. When added to soups at the beginning of cooking it adds a rich full bodied flavour – can be used in an addition to stock to add a depth of flavour.

Pesto: Our pesto is made with over 65% kelp! We also cut no corners when making our pesto – nothing dried or powdered and we use pine nuts, no inexpensive substitutes. The pesto can be used traditionally through pasta or in a variety of different ways. Use it as a stand-alone dip, add to mayonnaise, add to cream cheese for a lovely party dip or top your pizza with a few dollops.

Kelp Pesto

Award Winning Pesto

Award Winning Pesto

Alaria Noodles

Alaria: Noodle Cut

Laminaria tagliatelle cut

Laminaria digitata: Tagliatelle Cut

Saccharina tagliatelle cut

Saccharina: Tagliatelle Cut

Laminaria minced

Laminaria digitata: Minced

Laminaria chopped

Laminaria digitata: Chopped

Laminaria digitata: Noodle Cut

Laminaria digitata: Noodle Cut